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Want to get MORE out of your WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Upgrade? Here’s How.

By February 9, 2018February 14th, 2018Migration, WCS Version 7

The announcement came from IBM that support for Version 7 of WebSphere Commerce will be ending in April of 2019. So users have about a year to start planning for the migration. One of the frustrations that we have heard from our customers, is that despite the cost of the migration, there isn’t an improved user experience, in essence all the value is on the back-end, behind the scenes. While the technology is a great improvement, it would be nice to pair that with a noticeable bump for the end users.

How? Implement the new, blazing fast storefront, Mobiecom , for WebSphere Commerce users at the same time. Mobiecom will increase your conversion rate (more sales) and lower your bounce or abandonment rate (more sales).
Mobiecom was just validated by IBM for Ready for WebSphere Commerce.

Since Aurora, IBM starter store, is not responsive and has not changed over the last 5 years, take advantage of Mobiecom’s modern User Interface, mobile-first design, and fast-loading storefront to launch your new site together with the migration to V9. We have packaged Mobiecom with our V9 migration so you will get the best of both worlds: a responsive storefront and a new modernized back-end. For more information on this offering, please contact us at