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Giving your customers an easy and seamless shopping experience is what we, as eCommerce managers, strive for. Keep your customers coming back for more by avoiding these online shopping issues.

  1. Surprise expensive shipping costs – to avoid a bad surprise, display the shipping costs up front. Being upfront with the customer won’t frustrate them and increase the likelihood they will return to the site.
  2. Window Shopping – some customers are in their own research stage in the process of collecting information. Keep them coming back with a blazing fast page loading site – especially on their mobile device. Since every second counts, check out your site speed. Click here for a FREE speed comparison report. You’ll get a customized report comparing your site speed to the industry standard. How is your speed compared to your peers’? You can also offer a “save” feature on the shopping cart, so customers can save it and come back.
  3. Bad site navigation – customers will bail if it’s not a super easy, well-organized site. Are there plenty of search options? Does the navigation move quickly and smoothly? Again, page loading time can kill a sale.
  4. Long process – Don’t force customers to create an account if they don’t want to. And according to Aberdeen, just a one-second delay in page load time will result in a 7% drop in conversions, and that spells fewer sales. So, make it fast and easy for your customers to sail through the shopping process.
  5. Poor Mobile Experience – Since the number of mobile shoppers now out-numbers desktop shoppers, it’s worth considering changing your web development strategy to focus on mobile-first.

Mobiecom was designed from scratch as a mobile-first solution, from design to development. With Mobiecom, retailers can rest assured that their mobile, tablet and desktop users are all experiencing optimal performance. For more information on how you can start offering your customers the easy, blazing fast shopping experience with Mobiecom, click here or contact us at