Mobiecom is Live on V9 on AWS! A Dream Migration comes true!

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Keith McCormick, Senior Director of The Bishop Company, successfully migrated his online store,, to WCS (now HCL) Version 9 from Version 7, with the support of Zobrist Software Group. Founded in 1946, the Bishop Company is the industry leading distributor of top-quality tools and equipment for professional arborists and landscapers. The company’s clientele ranges from private tradesmen to authorized retailers across the United States. With the support for WCS V7 ending in 2020, and considering the benefits of V9, Keith decided to move forward with the V9 migration.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Keith to speak about his migration experience.

Q. Overall, how was the experience of the V9 migration?

Keith – Totally seamless. There were no hiccups. I really didn’t have to do much of anything after the testing phase, which was my main involvement. I spent about 18 hours total in the testing phase. In fact, we received several orders the first night after the migration was complete! Zobrist did a fantastic job of making this easy for us.

Q. How do you like V9?

Keith – The new V9 is fantastic! With the new Management Center, now we can create charts, tables, bookmarks, embed images within text, etc. My ability to enhance the body of the PDP page is greatly expanded. Sequencing products is faster and cleaner. Of course Smart Merchandiser works well with V9, where I can drag and drop and apply rules like resequencing based on units sold or dollars. It is totally visual which makes it faster and a more efficient use of time. It saves me a ton of time!

Q. How did your architecture change?

Keith – Our WCS was on local servers and now it’s on Amazon servers. This move relieves so much worry about running out of space, backups, upgrades. And now we have the freedom to scale. I understand that any architecture modifications in the future will be faster, easier and less costly with the use of dockers.

I am glad we did not have to touch our front-end with Mobiecom once the V9 migration was complete. It continues to load really fast. I am just very pleased.

Teresa Zobrist, President & CEO of Zobrist Software Group, commented on the migration, “I think there is a lot of fear out there about migrating, and we are excited to let companies know that our job as an HCL Business Partner is to take all the complexity away, to make the migration a seamless, easy process and nothing to be afraid of.” “The Bishop Company migration is an example of how we view our role – not only to make the process easy for them, but to be an active partner who cares, so their business can continue to innovate and be ahead of the next generation user experience, now and into the future.”

If you’re interested in learning about a V9 migration for your company, please reach out to us

First Virtual User Group a Success!

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The innaugural Virtual WebSphere Commerce User Group meeting took place on Wednesday 5/22/2019 as an experiment. Typically, user group meetings are done face to face with open sharing of ideas, success stories and challenges. While in-person user group meetings are optimal, it’s not always possible to be there with travel and the time committment involved. The virtual meeting is a great way to still get together and collaborate without having to sacrifice time and travel expense. John Beechen, of IBM and soon HCL, moderated the group. There were over 50 of us on the call including WCS customers, IBM, HCL and Business Partners.

David Dobrindt, HCL, Executive VP, Sales, North America, talked about the transition coming up with the confirmed date of June 1, 2019. He shared his excitement with the group as to the new opportunities opening up for Commerce and expressed his gratitude for the users and partners who were there. His immediate plan is to build out a Development team and accelerate time to delivery for the roadmap as proposed by his team. As soon as the transaction closes, he will communicate within 48 hours and plan to spend as much face time as possible with customers. He aims to make HCL easy to work with and transparent and the onboarding process as simple as possible.

While we cannot publicly share the roadmap as it is under NDA, there are a few things that got me excited so here we go.

IBM will deliver by the end of Q2 the OneCommerce code base to HCL and customers can choose to run it anywhere, on-premise, or in the cloud. Hallelujia! What a simple concept! and this will take away the confusion that has honestly hampered sales.

We also learned that WC REST APIs have been upgraded to Level 3. John referenced RMM (Richardson Maturity Model) which is a step by step way of understanding the concept behind restful thinking and a suggestion that REST APIs may be an attractive way of integrating systems, if not the recommended way for most situations.

We discussed the Administrative APIs, which allow B2B customers to build a single user interface where administrators coud add or delete users and give them the ability to purchase products on the same website without going off to the Management Center. Simple and super convenient!
We are excited about the Storefront APIs which are instrumental to building out SPA (Single Page Application) such as Mobiecom as a headless storefront.

There was talk about the Shopping Cart being separated into its own container as well as the Pricing subsystem. So does this mean that we can do Shoppable Instagrams to let customers shop wherever they are? And manage price in Dynamic Pricing scenarios where businesses need the ability to control price across different channels such as online, stores, B2C, B2B, outlets and across multiple promotions?

We even heard good news for the developers as well. They may rejoice at a new developer experience where there will be separate SDKs for store, search, xC etc. It’s wonderful to hear.

Following the roadmap discussion, the Business Partners presented their specific showcases of API-driven commerce: American Girl, Debenhams and Mobiecom. Keith McCormick, President of The Bishop Company, gave a very candid talk about his experience launching Mobiecom and described how shocked he was when his shoppers raved about the new UX! Even his competitor called him up when they discovered how fast his website was.

It was the longest online meeting I had attended but well worthwhile! Thank you John for putting it together and it was nice seeing so many familiar faces! I look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting and it will be hosted by HCL next!

I would love to hear your feedback on the User Group! If you would like to send us a note on your thoughts, please reach us at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Austin Websphere Commerce User Group Recap

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I had the pleasure and honor of presenting and attending the last WC User Group Meeting that took place in Austin, TX. It was a great experience with WC customers and partners coming together with IBM and HCL to discuss how the company will move forward and some of the exciting new opportunities that are happening as a result of the IBM HCL transaction.

Since this is the last stop of the user group roadshow, most of the materials presented are the same as the one in Columbus, Ohio and the Virtual user group. So I won’t bore everyone with repeating the same material. But I thought this would be a good opportunity to post the Q&A that I had in my session on Mobiecom.

Q. What is Commerce Composer?
A. The Commerce Composer tool gives you the freedom to quickly create and assemble the contents of your store pages. This is a free tool as part of WC. By using a library of prebuilt layout templates and widgets, you can manage store page layouts directly in Management Center. Here is a video of a banner where we show how simple it is to modify the layout of a category page and add a banner and text.

Q. Could you explain how you provide the CC (Commerce Composer) Widgets in Mobiecom?
A. When we developed Mobiecom, we saw the Commerce Composer capabilities in Aurora and we want to provide the business users with the same capability of controlling the lay-out of the pages for business needs. So we add logic in Mobiecom to understand how to render the CC Widgets to provide a seamless user experience; the business users can use CC to author the pages and Mobiecom will handle the rendering of the widgets.

Q. What is Mobiecom?
A. Mobiecom is a mobile-first UI storefront designed for the WebSphere Commerce. Built in ReactJS as a SPA (Single Page Application), Mobiecom provides all the commerce capabilities of Aurora using Out-Of-The-Box REST APIs and is SEO-friendly. As a headless storefront, Mobiecom is lightweight and extremely fast. You can check out a speed comparison video here. This compares an online store running on Mobiecom, vs. a Multi-page application running Aurora.

Q. How do you cache Mobiecom?
A. Mobiecom has multiple levels of caching. It uses Nginx as a cachig proxy and Redid as in-memory caching. And Mobiecom of course supports WC Dynacache.

Q. How much customization does Mobiecom have already?
A. Mobiecom has all Out-Of-The-Box features of Aurora B2C. We are adding B2B support by the end of June. You can add customizations required by your specific needs but you can launch it with just basic styling and no customization required.

Q. Is it difficult to implement with a lot of customization?
A. Mobiecom is easy to implement if you can adopt OOTB features; you just need to load data into WC and style the store and you are done. It normally takes 10 weeks from start to finish.
But since nobody is truly OOTB, you can implement customizations in Mobiecom. You can use Mobiecom as an accelerator with commerce capabilites. It’s all Javascript and CSS. So developers can use a text editor to edit the code in JavaScript to implement any UI customization desired. For back-end customizations, we recommend creating and using custom APIs.

Q. Does Mobiecom work with V7 feature pack 8?
A. Yes, Mobiecom works with V7 FEP8 and up. This includes all current versions of WC, including V7 FEP8, V8, V9 and IDC (IBM Digital Commerce), the SaaS version.

Q. We have customized APIs – how would you manage that?
A. Mobiecom can call your custom APIs and we can also create APIs to call your custom code.

Q. Is Mobiecom only for front end operations?
A. Mobiecom is a storefront which integrates with a headless commerce backend (like WCS) to provide a full e-commerce solution.

Q. How do you go about taking an operation running on V7 and provide a solution decoupled from the back end on V9?

A. If I undestand this question correctly, you would like to know if Mobiecom can help in your migration from V7 to V9.
There are 2 steps in this scenario. Step One is to provide a storefront using Mobiecom and step Two is to migrate your V7 to V9.
For Step One, we load your catalog into Mobiecom and style it to reflect your look-and-feel and let you test drive it. Then working together, we identify the customizations you need from a UI and back-end perspectives. UI customizations can be done in Mobiecom in javascript. Back-end customizations will need to be enabled via REST APIs to leverage your existing investment.
For Step Two, we need to verify that you are at V7 FEP8 and have all of your features enabled. Then we would go thru a migration process to migrate your V7 FEP8 to V9. Again, we need to enable REST APIs for any existing customizations that you would like to leverage in Mobiecom.

With the benefits gained by Mobiecom such as performance, mobile-responsiveness, speed of development, we can help build the ROI for a V9 migration. The challenge with migration projects is the lack of support for the business case.

I am grateful to have been a part of these User Group discussions and look forward to more, especially as we move forward into the HCL acquisition. We look forward to positive trends on the horizon – you can read more about why we’re Bullish on Websphere Commerce here.

I would love to hear your feedback on the User Group! If you would like to send us a note on your thoughts, please reach us at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Case Study: How The Bishop Company Competes for Business with Mobiecom

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Keith McCormick, President of the Bishop Company, on his recent ecommerce project to talk about the challenges of technology, and how to compete in this tight market of online retailing.

Primarily a mail-order company, The Bishop Company first started selling their products online in 2001. Understanding the competitive nature of the online shopping environment (think Amazon) and the need for mobile optimization, Keith decided to give his online storefront a major boost with Mobiecom, a mobile-first, blazing fast online storefront which operates on both IBM Cloud and Amazon Cloud Services, powered by IBM Commerce back-end.

"In this current eCommerce space, technology is changing so quickly. Consumers are demanding more – they want their shopping experience to be fast, easy and seamless on their phones. We decided to give Mobiecom a try because we knew we needed a truly mobile-first site and the need for speed!"

Keith McCormickOwner

With Mobiecom, Keith has noticed some changes. “Our buyers’ shopping patterns have changed. Our buyers are typically arborists, landscape designers and gardeners so they are constanly out in the field. Before our site was mobile optimized, many had to wait until the evening to shop. Now we’re seeing purchases made during the daytime, right from their mobile devices. It’s great for the customer because we get the order before 2pm, we will ship same day. This has also led to a decrease in shopping cart abandonment and an increase in sales. We’re also seeing an increase in our professional demographic, as well as DIY weekend warriors who appreciate good quality gardening tools. People who weren’t finding us before, are finding us now.”

Customers are on their laptops, phone, and tablets throughout the day getting email, checking social networks and shopping both in store and online. Make it easy and seamless for them to jump between all those channels and pick up right where they left off on every device.

To learn how we can help your online storefront, please contact us at!

About The Bishop Company:

The Bishop Company is a family owned business since 1946, that specializes in heavy duty outdoor recreation equipment, professional grade landscape tools and clothing/footwear for outdoor enthusiasts.

About Zobrist Software Group:

Zobrist has helped well-known companies such as, The North Face, Vans, Timberland, Toshiba, and Mazda, with a variety of eCommerce solutions and merchandising tools. Projects that have awarded us several accomplishments, include the 2008 IBM Leadership Award for the Best B2C deployment for, the 2009 IBM Leadership Award for Foundational Leadership for and, and The Best of Show Award for Smart Merchandiser in 2011. To learn more, contact Dele Popoola at 818-702-0020 X 245 or

Mobiecom is a SPA (Single Page Application) for IBM Commerce.

Mobiecom Storefront Announces Validation for All Current and SaaS Versions of IBM WebSphere Commerce

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Customers on WebSphere Commerce receive migration protection with Mobiecom

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Aug. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zobrist Consulting, the leading ecommerce systems integrator and business partner of IBM, announces today that its Mobiecom storefront is the first to be validated by IBM for all versions of IBM WebSphere Commerce, including V7, V8, V9 and IDC (IBM Digital Commerce), the SaaS version.

Mobiecom is a SPA (Single Page Application) storefront developed in ReactJS and leverages the headless commerce concept of IBM commerce to create websites that are immune to IBM migration. The separation of the storefront from the back-end allows the business to boldly move forward with business initiatives and stay independent from any changes on the back-end.

When IBM announced the new version 9 for WCS (WebSphere Commerce) in January 2018, customers were excited about the modernized architecture with Liberty, Dockers, and JPA. But to achieve true separation of IBM code and custom code, customers may have to rewrite their application.

“This is a perfect opportunity for customers to create new stores or rebuild old ones using Mobiecom with pre-built templates and cart functionalities. They will never have to go through another migration saving time, money and resources. This a common pain point for all customers and I am glad we have a solution,” said Teresa Zobrist, CEO of Zobrist Consulting.

Business users can also use Commerce Composer to change layouts for the website without the help of IT. Mobiecom’s support for Commerce Composer has just been released at the end of Q2.

“Our regular and new customers alike, love the speed and responsiveness of Mobiecom. Whether they are on the go with their phone or tablet or back at the office with a desktop, Mobiecom makes for happy shoppers. Happy customers, happy businessowner,” says Keith McCormick, President, The Bishop Company.

To learn more about Mobiecom and how it can improve a brand commerce experience, contact or visit


Mobile-first Optimization: Leverage beyond the Shopping cart with Email Optimization

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We all know that mobile optimization for online retailers is critical and that shopping cart abandonment is the constant monkey on the retailing back. But there is another big reason which supports having a mobile-first online store: Email. Since more than half of all emails are read on a mobile device, retailers must ensure that not only their shopping carts are speedy, but that their email messages also meet shoppers expectations.

The difference between the delete button and that sought after ‘click’ is creating relevant, engaging content and formatting the email for ease of use/speed. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when crafting your optimized email.

Social Media Integration

Social media gives people the opportunity to engage with your brand which creates loyalty. Happy customers become brand evangelists with the ability to shout it from the mountaintop. Be sure to integrate your social campaigns into your email messages and since social media is mobile optimized, the access should be seamless and fast.

Email Formatting

Since most of us are “all thumbs”, create the buttons for thumbs (think BIG). And I’m sure you’ve experienced the joy of clicking on a phone number and it actually dials the number for you. Don’t make it hard for people to call you – it may not be worth it to them. A key for a successful email on mobile is to design and code mobile first!

Spam Folder No-Mans Land

You don’t want to be caught in the spam folder. According to OptinMonster, here are subject line words you should never use since these are frequently flagged as spam:

  • amazing
  • cancel at any time
  • check or money order
  • click here
  • congratulations
  • dear friend
  • for only ($)
  • free or toll-free
  • great offer
  • guarantee
  • increase sales
  • order now
  • promise you
  • risk-free
  • special promotion
  • this is not spam
  • winner

Load Time

In a recent study, consumers cited slow load times as the most irritating aspect of shopping online. Read more about slow load times here Long Load Times Cost You Money.

Need help optimizing your online store?

Mobiecom can enable you to deliver a transformative customer experience regardless of device. It delivers a single page application experience by being built mobile-first and responsive to any device. As Mobiecom continues to improve with enhancements and leveraging the best technology the industry has to offer, your site will turn browsers into shoppers.

Zobrist Consulting Launches Bishop Co. on Mobiecom, a Lightning Fast, Mobile-First UI Storefront

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Mobiecom is an IBM “Validated for Commerce” responsive single page application designed to capture mobile shoppers

Woodland Hills, CA, March 29, 2018 — Zobrist Consulting, an IBM Premier Business Partner and leading eCommerce system integrator, announces the launch of its first IBM WebSphere Commerce client, Bishop Co., on their new Mobiecom UI storefront.

Bishop Co., a wholesale distributor supplying arborists, landscapers and retail garden stores, noticed a continued upward trend in its mobile visitors. Despite the upswing in mobile visitors, Bishop Co. was losing out on capturing those mobile users because their OOTB (out-of-the-box) UI was neither responsive nor mobile optimized. With the desire to capture the growing number of mobile users and increase page load time speed across all devices, Bishop Co. President Keith McCormick reached out to Zobrist Consulting to devise a solution.

In order to address the needs of Bishop Co. and the over 1,000 IBM WebSphere ecommerce stores, Zobrist Consulting developed Mobiecom, a mobile-first digital storefront designed for IBM Digital Commerce. Mobiecom is a Single Page Application built with React.js that utilizes IBM WebSphere Commerce microservices to render pages at optimum speeds on all devices.

In the three weeks following the launch, Bishop Co. has seen an 11 percent increase in mobile user orders.

“I am very pleased with the smooth launch of Mobiecom and excited to see an immediate increase in the engagement of mobile users on our site. We are well positioned for a strong 2018,” says McCormick, President of Bishop Co.

Mobiecom’s design fits into alignment with the release of IBM WebSphere Commerce Version 9 and IBM’s plan to move towards a headless commerce engine, where users can integrate with custom UI storefronts and apps while taking advantage of the powerful marketing and commerce backend. Unlike customizing the IBM WebSphere Commerce out of the box storefront, Mobiecom can be customized and launched at a fraction of the price and within a few months. With the release of Version 9 and the discontinuation of support for Version 7, Zobrist is offering a bundle that includes migration to Version 9 with Mobiecom, providing business users with greater ROI than migration alone can offer.

“We saw the opportunity to develop an advanced storefront for IBM Commerce and we seized it. Mobiecom is lightweight and fast, while still offering all the functionalities of the IBM Aurora starter store,” says Teresa Zobrist, CEO of Zobrist Consulting. “To future-proof a brand, retailers should look to decouple their storefront from the back-end, allowing the user experience to be fast, nimble, and quick-to-market.”

Mobiecom is an IBM Validated Solution running on IBM Bluemix or AWS and can support any version of IBM WebSphere Commerce and Digital Commerce.

To learn more about Mobiecom and what it can do for your brand, contact Travis Garcia at (818) 702-0020 or email or visit

About Zobrist Consulting Group, Inc.
Zobrist is a Premier IBM Business Partner delivering outstanding B2C and B2B ecommerce sites on the IBM Digital Commerce Platform. Zobrist has won many awards from IBM, including the IBM WebSphere Commerce Leadership Award for “Best B2C Deployment” for the launch of, and the IBM “Foundational Leadership Award” for the launch of and
# # #
Aljolynn Sperber
Direct: 310-341-7353

Top 5 Reasons Customers Abandon their Carts in an Online Store

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Giving your customers an easy and seamless shopping experience is what we, as eCommerce managers, strive for. Keep your customers coming back for more by avoiding these online shopping issues.

  1. Surprise expensive shipping costs – to avoid a bad surprise, display the shipping costs up front. Being upfront with the customer won’t frustrate them and increase the likelihood they will return to the site.
  2. Window Shopping – some customers are in their own research stage in the process of collecting information. Keep them coming back with a blazing fast page loading site – especially on their mobile device. Since every second counts, check out your site speed. Click here for a FREE speed comparison report. You’ll get a customized report comparing your site speed to the industry standard. How is your speed compared to your peers’? You can also offer a “save” feature on the shopping cart, so customers can save it and come back.
  3. Bad site navigation – customers will bail if it’s not a super easy, well-organized site. Are there plenty of search options? Does the navigation move quickly and smoothly? Again, page loading time can kill a sale.
  4. Long process – Don’t force customers to create an account if they don’t want to. And according to Aberdeen, just a one-second delay in page load time will result in a 7% drop in conversions, and that spells fewer sales. So, make it fast and easy for your customers to sail through the shopping process.
  5. Poor Mobile Experience – Since the number of mobile shoppers now out-numbers desktop shoppers, it’s worth considering changing your web development strategy to focus on mobile-first.

Mobiecom was designed from scratch as a mobile-first solution, from design to development. With Mobiecom, retailers can rest assured that their mobile, tablet and desktop users are all experiencing optimal performance. For more information on how you can start offering your customers the easy, blazing fast shopping experience with Mobiecom, click here or contact us at

If your mobile site is slow, Google will ding you

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Google announced starting July 2018, the speed of your mobile site will have an effect on your search engine ranking. Similar to how Google treats desktop sites, page load will be a factor when ranking search results of mobile sites. And with Google accounting for 94.4 percent of all mobile searches there is a reason to pay attention to this latest announcement.

How does this affect your eCommerce store?

Many eCommerce stores rely on search engine traffic as a solid, free source of traffic. The slightest change in SEO rankings can drastically affect a company’s bottom line. Thus, if your mobile experience is slow or non-existent, you will soon be affected. The best way to gauge how much your store might be impacted is to examine your web analytics reporting, looking at both traffic by device type and referral source. This data will show you how much traffic is coming from mobile users using Google search.

Resources to test the speed of your site

  • The Chrome User Experience Report, a public dataset of key user experience metrics;
  • Lighthouse, an automated tool and part of the Chrome Developer tools; 
  • PageSpeed Insights, a tool that indicates how well a page performs on the Chrome UX Report and offers performance optimizations.

How can you stay ahead of the curve?

If you already have a mobile or responsive site, you’re off to a good start. If you don’t or are using a slow out of the box frontend from your eCommerce store then it is time to start looking into a solution for your mobile users.

Luckily, Mobiecom can get you up to speed, literally. Mobiecom’s single page application (SPA) is lightning fast and responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop. In addition, Mobiecom allows you to keep your SEO friendly URLs, unlike many other SPAs.

Reach out to us today and let us help plot a course to keep you Google search optimized.


Mobiecom Achieves Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement Validation

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Mobiecom Achieves Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement Validation

Mobiecom, a mobile-first storefront designed for IBM Digital Commerce has achieved IBM’s Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement validation. It is a Single Page Application developed in ReactJS and can provide a 7-10x performance boost to any ecommerce site running on the IBM platform – exciting news for ecommerce sites using an IBM platform!

What does the IBM validation mean?

The Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement program ensures that the offering (Mobiecom) integrates cleanly with IBM technology, which increases the value provided to our clients. And, the Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement demonstrates that our solution meets key IBM integration standards.

Is it possible to compare the speed of an existing eCommerce website with Mobiecom?

Yes. We can run a speed test comparison. Contact us here or call 877-962-7478 to learn how your site can become blazing fast and turn browsers into shoppers. To learn more about how speed affects ROI, check out Long Load Times Cost You Money.

Long Load Times Cost You Money

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In a recent study, consumers cited slow load times as the most irritating aspect of shopping online. Just a quick search on Twitter confirmed that load times are still a big problem. The names have been hidden to protect the innocent 🙂

Everyone remembers a bad customer service experience. But, they also remember the great ones as well. With Mobiecom, you can create a revolutionary customer experience.  

Shop Talk

Regardless of experience, 9 out of 10 consumers will tell friends and families about their shopping experience. That’s 90%! What story do you want shoppers to talk about? Will they talk about how painfully slow it was to try and purchase an item on your site and then just gave up because it was taking too long? Or will they boast about how fast and easy they were able to purchase a product, raving about the experience to anyone who will listen? Mobiecom allows you to write the narrative that your customers will tell.

Convert Browsers into Shoppers

A separate study found converted sessions (sessions where shoppers who went through the entire process and purchased an item) had faster load times than non-converted sessions. The faster the load times, the more conversions went up. Even the slightest variance in speed found that a 100-millisecond delay in load time hurt conversion rates by 7%. So, let’s say your site makes $100,000 per day. A 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year! The speed of your site makes all the difference. The data doesn’t lie and sheds a light on consumer behavior. Consumers want fast sites for their online shopping. You can make believers out of your shoppers with Mobiecom and allow them to become converts.

Let Them Stay! Let Them Stay! Let Them Stay!

Performance matters in e-commerce. If a site is slow, consumers will notice. Over half (53%) of mobile users will leave a site if a page takes longer than three seconds to load. Don’t let slow load times be the reason for consumers to flee your site! Faster load times, between 700 milliseconds and 1.2 seconds, lead to the lowest bounce rates (the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page) across all devices. A two second delay in web page load time increases bounce rates by 103%. That same two second delay can cause a 51% decrease in session length. The faster your site is, the more likely people are to stay and spend time on your site. Mobiecom can hit these optimal load times consistently and deliver a best in class user experience regardless of device.

Speed Kills

Lastly, don’t let poor performance and slow load times kill your bottom line. Mobiecom can improve your site by delivering a transformative customer experience regardless of device. It delivers a single page application experience by being built for mobile first and responsive to any device. As Mobiecom continues to improve with enhancements and leveraging the best technology the industry has to offer, your site will improve as well delivering a best in class site that will have everyone talking. As the old saying goes, time is money.

Don’t delay, get Mobiecom today!


Want to get MORE out of your WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Upgrade? Here’s How.

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The announcement came from IBM that support for Version 7 of WebSphere Commerce will be ending in April of 2019. So users have about a year to start planning for the migration. One of the frustrations that we have heard from our customers, is that despite the cost of the migration, there isn’t an improved user experience, in essence all the value is on the back-end, behind the scenes. While the technology is a great improvement, it would be nice to pair that with a noticeable bump for the end users.

How? Implement the new, blazing fast storefront, Mobiecom , for WebSphere Commerce users at the same time. Mobiecom will increase your conversion rate (more sales) and lower your bounce or abandonment rate (more sales).
Mobiecom was just validated by IBM for Ready for WebSphere Commerce.

Since Aurora, IBM starter store, is not responsive and has not changed over the last 5 years, take advantage of Mobiecom’s modern User Interface, mobile-first design, and fast-loading storefront to launch your new site together with the migration to V9. We have packaged Mobiecom with our V9 migration so you will get the best of both worlds: a responsive storefront and a new modernized back-end. For more information on this offering, please contact us at