Mobiecom Achieves Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement Validation

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Mobiecom Achieves Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement Validation

Mobiecom, a mobile-first storefront designed for IBM Digital Commerce has achieved IBM’s Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement validation. It is a Single Page Application developed in ReactJS and can provide a 7-10x performance boost to any ecommerce site running on the IBM platform – exciting news for ecommerce sites using an IBM platform!

What does the IBM validation mean?

The Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement program ensures that the offering (Mobiecom) integrates cleanly with IBM technology, which increases the value provided to our clients. And, the Ready for IBM Watson Customer Engagement demonstrates that our solution meets key IBM integration standards.

Is it possible to compare the speed of an existing eCommerce website with Mobiecom?

Yes. We can run a speed test comparison. Contact us here or call 877-962-7478 to learn how your site can become blazing fast and turn browsers into shoppers. To learn more about how speed affects ROI, check out Long Load Times Cost You Money.

Long Load Times Cost You Money

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In a recent study, consumers cited slow load times as the most irritating aspect of shopping online. Just a quick search on Twitter confirmed that load times are still a big problem. The names have been hidden to protect the innocent 🙂

Everyone remembers a bad customer service experience. But, they also remember the great ones as well. With Mobiecom, you can create a revolutionary customer experience.  

Shop Talk

Regardless of experience, 9 out of 10 consumers will tell friends and families about their shopping experience. That’s 90%! What story do you want shoppers to talk about? Will they talk about how painfully slow it was to try and purchase an item on your site and then just gave up because it was taking too long? Or will they boast about how fast and easy they were able to purchase a product, raving about the experience to anyone who will listen? Mobiecom allows you to write the narrative that your customers will tell.

Convert Browsers into Shoppers

A separate study found converted sessions (sessions where shoppers who went through the entire process and purchased an item) had faster load times than non-converted sessions. The faster the load times, the more conversions went up. Even the slightest variance in speed found that a 100-millisecond delay in load time hurt conversion rates by 7%. So, let’s say your site makes $100,000 per day. A 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year! The speed of your site makes all the difference. The data doesn’t lie and sheds a light on consumer behavior. Consumers want fast sites for their online shopping. You can make believers out of your shoppers with Mobiecom and allow them to become converts.

Let Them Stay! Let Them Stay! Let Them Stay!

Performance matters in e-commerce. If a site is slow, consumers will notice. Over half (53%) of mobile users will leave a site if a page takes longer than three seconds to load. Don’t let slow load times be the reason for consumers to flee your site! Faster load times, between 700 milliseconds and 1.2 seconds, lead to the lowest bounce rates (the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page) across all devices. A two second delay in web page load time increases bounce rates by 103%. That same two second delay can cause a 51% decrease in session length. The faster your site is, the more likely people are to stay and spend time on your site. Mobiecom can hit these optimal load times consistently and deliver a best in class user experience regardless of device.

Speed Kills

Lastly, don’t let poor performance and slow load times kill your bottom line. Mobiecom can improve your site by delivering a transformative customer experience regardless of device. It delivers a single page application experience by being built for mobile first and responsive to any device. As Mobiecom continues to improve with enhancements and leveraging the best technology the industry has to offer, your site will improve as well delivering a best in class site that will have everyone talking. As the old saying goes, time is money.

Don’t delay, get Mobiecom today!


Want to get MORE out of your WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Upgrade? Here’s How.

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The announcement came from IBM that support for Version 7 of WebSphere Commerce will be ending in April of 2019. So users have about a year to start planning for the migration. One of the frustrations that we have heard from our customers, is that despite the cost of the migration, there isn’t an improved user experience, in essence all the value is on the back-end, behind the scenes. While the technology is a great improvement, it would be nice to pair that with a noticeable bump for the end users.

How? Implement the new, blazing fast storefront, Mobiecom , for WebSphere Commerce users at the same time. Mobiecom will increase your conversion rate (more sales) and lower your bounce or abandonment rate (more sales).
Mobiecom was just validated by IBM for Ready for WebSphere Commerce.

Since Aurora, IBM starter store, is not responsive and has not changed over the last 5 years, take advantage of Mobiecom’s modern User Interface, mobile-first design, and fast-loading storefront to launch your new site together with the migration to V9. We have packaged Mobiecom with our V9 migration so you will get the best of both worlds: a responsive storefront and a new modernized back-end. For more information on this offering, please contact us at

Website Conversion Rates Explained

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What is a website conversion?

You might have the most beautiful website, but if your visitors are just browsing, and not buying, that means you need to work on conversion. A website conversion is the most important factor in the success of your website. Goals must be established in order to measure success. Do you want visitors to buy a product, download an e-book, or sign up for a newsletter? Once your goals are established, you can begin measuring your site.

How is conversion measured?

The formula is Purchases/Website Traffic X 100 = Conversion rate for that goal. You can use Google Analytics to set your goals for the specifics, such as leads captured, or purchases, and then measure those compared to the traffic coming into the site. For example, if you have 100,000 visitors and 1000 purchases, then your website conversion rate is 1%.

What is your industry standard?

There are many factors that go into calculating the conversion rate. Some of the factors are Product type, Product cost or average order value, Traffic source Device (mobile, tablet or PC), Platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.), and Location. An article published by, lays out rates in various different industries, with Electronics, Business Services, Software and Video Games among the highest. has data broken down by industry, device, store size, etc.

According to, the answer to this question can differ depending on your industry, but here are some good general numbers. Visitor-to-lead conversion rates for Business-To-Consumer websites for necessary items that we all need tend to exceed 15%, while for non-necessary items tend to be around 1-4.5%. Business-To-Business services companies can expect visitor-to-lead conversion rates between 5-8%.

How can I improve my website conversion?

According to, shopping cart abandonment is caused by bad website performance, (too slow) among other things. To solve this problem, Zobrist Consulting has introduced Mobiecom, a high-performance mobile-first e-commerce storefront for IBM Digital Commerce. It is a Single Page Application and is super-fast on mobile devices. Mobiecom turns window shoppers into customers as it removes barriers preventing consumers from viewing shopping sites, buying products and checking out, therefore improving conversion rate with enhanced performance and simplified checkout, especially for mobile shoppers.

For more help in calculating your website conversion rate and improving performance, contact us at

What every Retailer needed for Christmas – A Mobile-First, Responsive Storefront

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The gift every major retailer needs this Christmas is Mobiecom, a mobile-first, responsive storefront for IBM Watson Commerce!

With retailers continuing to struggle in the age of Amazon, every competitive edge counts. One area Amazon especially excels at, and retailer can’t ignore, is mobile. While in the past keeping up with Amazon has seemed impossible, Mobiecom can catch you up with the competition almost as fast as it can load a page (.0XX seconds)!

Why focus on Mobile?

Purchases on mobile devices now make up 27% of all retail revenue in the US. Even more impressive, mobile shoppers have double the Average Order Value (AOV). To ensure retailers don’t loses sales to their more mobile-friendly competitors, they must invest in a mobile-first, responsive UI Storefront with fast load times.

But why Responsive Design?

Brian Rashid of outlines “5 Essential Reasons You Should Be Using A Responsive Website Design Now.”

  1. Increased Traffic from Mobile Users (Duh!)
  2. Lower Cost and Website Maintenance vs maintaining multiple sites for different devices
  3. A Seamless User Experience on all devices
  4. Adapts Easily to Any Screen Size
  5. Improves your SEO Efforts (Google is now penalizing if you’re not mobile friendly)

Mobiecom nails all of these. Not only is Mobiecom built from scratch using Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix’s favorite new coding stack – React.js, it’s mobile-first, responsive design is also transforms your storefront to a fast loading single page app.

Not ready to go Christmas shopping yet? Here is a little stocking stuffer from us to you: How to Future-Proof your IBM Commerce Store, while Boosting Conversions